Hi, I am Andrea


THANK YOU for finding me and your interest in my work as a photographer. I am a mum of 3 wonderful kids. My husband and I decided to live outside the city of Hamburg and moved to Jork, Altes Land, Germany but still close enough to enjoy everything this beautiful City right at the river Elbe has to offer. We are surrounded by apple and cherry orchards. My family is my biggest treasure in life and of course, I could never live in a house without my dog, Jackson.

My life in my favourite quotes: 5 AM. A run might help. When your body gets tired, swim with your heart. Music gets me through everything. Diversity is the key. If your phone does not ring, it’s me. I wish I could text my dog.Ice cream is always an option. Tell your dog I said ´hi´. 

How I work

Before I even pick up my camera I want to meet and know more about you, looking for the trust and good feeling we both need to have, before your photos and moments are taken. Most of the people I take pictures of are like you and me in front of the camera. No professional models, sometimes very shy, not knowing what to do or expect but beautiful in every way they are. I would never put you in a weird situation and tell you to smile at the camera if it does not feel right. In fact, I would rather want you to be yourself, enjoying the moment.
Love, friendships and families have so many wonderful moments and stories to tell and it is my passion to hold on to that in my way of taking the pictures behind the scenes.


New York City will forever be my happy place. I used to live close to the city and had the best time there. Whenever you go there….write me a postcard or send me a picture.

Swim Bike Run


Besides my family and business I find my soul in leaving my comfort zone.