Sports photography with Nikon Z6

Since I am taking photos of athletes and I wanted a camera that can be as fast as my clients run, bike or jump I changed my camera system to Nikon Z6 mirrorless and I am very happy with it. I work very minimalistic. It is just my camera and my 50mm lens and I love to work like that. Gives me the freedom I need when taking photos.


Dalila is a personal trainer living in Berlin. She is one of the strongest and most beautiful sportive women I’ve been taking photos of. Her jumps and moves are perfect and I enjoyed working with her.

Shoot me a note if you want me to have your photos taken!


Good day. Do you use Z lenses?

I use the 35mm and I really like to shoot with it.

I shot this serie with my 50mm and the adapter. I recently bought a Z lens and also found out that the battery holds longer when using the Z lens.

I hope that you won’t stop writing such interesting articles. I’m waiting for more of your content. I’m going to follow you.

Thank you very much. Do you use the Z6 as well? And please keep coming back. There will be so much more of my work.

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