While they booked a week in Hamburg for a holiday, they decided to look for a photographer online. Unsure about how a shooting would be like and what effort or expectations they have to put into it, he wrote me the sweetest mail through my contact form and asked me all those questions one has before a photoshoot. The most concern was that they would be uncertain about how to act in front of the camera, what to do, to wear and how they both would look like together. I just asked them to dress up and imagine we’re going to a party and bring clothes to change.

I love when people who want their photos taken by me visit my city. This way I can pick them up and show them a little around while taking photos on the way. We talked, had the best weather, and stopped at places to take pictures. Time flies by, and I was so happy to have spent the time with such beautiful and fun people who found me on Google page 999.