The story of Andreas and Sabrina is why my work as a photographer makes me so happy. He is a triathlete I know from sports events, instagram and a couple of other shootings we did together with his best friend while training for several triathlon events.One day he called me up, asking me if I could also take photos of him and his sweet girlfriend. He wanted to treat them with a photoshoot for their ( 10th?) anniversary. And while we were talking about how long they have been together ever since and what a wonderful women she is I kind of asked him if she is THE women and maybe we could use the photoshoot as a reason to maybe ask a question….,too. I mean…just asking. He was laughing about me and because that was his plan and I loved it, of course.

We set a date, he bought the ring, the location was supposed to be Sankt Peter Ording, right at the beach, very early in the morning but who thought about a really bad storm that day after we had this endless summer with no rain? He called me around 6 am in the morning, asking me if we could change the location to Timmendorf, Ostsee beach, because the windfinder app said no storm and heavy rain there. I picked them up and we drove to Timmendorf beach.It was not cold, just a little rain every now and then and the sun came out every now and then. The clouds were gorgeous. I love weather like that. We stopped somewhere at the beach where I found a little sandbank in the water. We just got out of the car to check the location and weather. Standing there, looking at the sky I whispered to Andreas while she walked to the water :” You have the ring in your pocket?” He: ” No…should I?…here?ohhhh!? now?! ” I love when things get are getting excited. I offered to get the ring telling Sabrina I have to change the lense and get my drone. When I got back the story began….and I have to tell you, those engagement shootings are quite special to me. Such an honour to be part of such a private moment and having the opportunity to capture those wonderful emotions and gestures for them. The planning, the excitement, the tension and the LOVE in the air.