Do you stop and look at airplanes?

I pretend I don’t, but I certainly do. Its in my veins since I have been flying around the world as a flight attendant. Having done this job for a long time really influenced my life. Taking an airplane to any place, meeting new people and getting to know how life is there, makes me so happy.
So here I am and this this little airfield on my holiday island that I would pass every time with my bike always having my camera and drone with me thinking how great it would be to just let it fly over that little field where all those beautiful private little airplanes are. Some of the owners are camping right next to their airplane which I find so nice to do. So how do I get the photos I have in my mind when I see this airfield?

What if I just let it fly, take that picture and run away? Just for the photo. I heard stories of drone pilots flying over cruise ships and then the captain made the drone come down into the water, or it gets lost flying into a certain area and never comes back. Sometimes it is really so exciting to let that little thing fly but sometimes I would just go to the person in charge, owner, boss whatever and ask, wearing my little red dress, if I could just go there to have a picture taken and why this is so important for me and how happy it would make me. I often would offer to take a picture from above with that person, too. Makes it even special to say yes or send him/her a framed photo of the one I took thanking for letting me do this. Head over to my Instagram to read the story of how I get to shoot on this airfield.

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