Alex, triathlete, Hamburg

I asked Alex 15 questions about good and bad moments during his races. Where he takes his motivation from and why we all need our support team. I met him 2 years ago on our way to Barcelona Ironman 70.3. and we both started together in the same time lane at the rolling start. That was the last time I saw him during the race. Way too fast for me. He is an excellent runner and running coach.


"Every triathlon has its own story"

15 Questions #whywetri

• 1. Why Triathlon?

I used to be a runner, but I got bored. Triathlon is a fascinating sport. Everything is outside and it makes me happy.

• 2. When was your first triathlon?

Three years ago I did the olympic distance in Hamburg at the ITU. After that I attended many more.

• 3. Your best triathlon?

I am not sure. Every event has its own story. It doesn't matter if it is good or not. My first Ironman was pretty exciting. It was a long day and a mental fight. IM Luxemburg was good for me. At IM Barcelona I became the 22nd in my age group. Of course I´d rather be under the top 3 but that always depends on so many factors.

• 4. ...and your worst?

It was a regional triathlon where we attended with a whole team. I did the olympic distance and everything went wrong. It is different when you start with a team. The pressure to perform as best as you can is a lot higher. You don't want to disappoint your coach and the team. A lot of mistakes happened like loosing my chip strap twice. I didn't really got the hang into my swimming and finally lost my group in the water. On the bike I had to stop because something was wrong with my helmet. To summit up a really bad day for me.

• 5. What do you think about when it starts to hurt?

Where is the finish line?
Almost there!
Why the hell am I doing this you idiot!
I'm done & I cannot run anymore further.
...and then I think about the cold beer and the food. I cut my race into little pieces. I try to think about the next cold drink about to come or a splash of water from the helpers when I run. I look for faces I know at the running course and when I see my family and closest friends, it gives me an enormous push for the rest. Running at the end can get really dirty and it hurts.

• 6. What is the best moment while racing?

It is running over that finish line and the feeling that every thing you've been training for was worth it and paid out just as you planned it.

• 7. ...and what is the worst during a race?

When I hear in the morning that we are not allowed to swim with our Neo.

• 8. Who are you texting when you're done?

My family and closest friends. Those are the people who support me. Everybody is using live tracking and they all want to know that I am doing fine when I finished. I think about them a lot during my race.

• 9. What are you proud of?

I am proud of my little daughter and of everything I achieved already in my life like my success in soccer and all the triathlon events.

• 10. What is the most courageous action you have done in your life?

( is laughing...) I guess signing up for an ironman and never having ran a Marathon before is pretty brave for me. Also moving to Hamburg without knowing anybody.

• 11. Something you would never do but love to try?

( laughing again....) Yesss, parachuting or a Bungee jump would be awesome but I will never do that. Maybe I start with those Ultra events or I´ll do a triple Ironman. (didn't know that there are such things) Or I will just walk The Way Of St James one day. Who knows!

• 12. What kind of photo you have taken at last with your phone?

It was either a pair of running shoes or coffee. Something for insta stories. It might be either boring for people or hopefully motivating.

• 13. On a scale of 1-10, how good is life right now?

It varies between -2 and +13 ( laughs) and depends on how good my training was. Generally I am very thankful for the life I am living and especially for my family. At the moment it is a 10 - 11 - 11+.

• 14. What is your biggest goal next year?

To become the best in my age group.

• 15. If you could write one sentence on the of Blohm & Voss dock at the harbour in Hamburg what would it say. ( it is a famous advertisement location here in Hamburg. One cannot miss to read that)


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